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Features Highlight

  • Unlimited number of accounts.
  • Tremendous hierarchical level of classification.
  • Easy to navigate through all accounts, expand and collapse with one click.
  • Children accounts inherit properties from parent accounts.
  • Set related accounts in order to see them in one subsidiary ledger.
  • Permissions granted up to the account level.
  • Mass Edit all accounts.
  • Specify account types.
  • Transfer accounts from group to another, even if it contains records.
  • Specify posting type (P&L, Balance Sheet) for each account.
  • Cash-In transactions, receive more than one detail from different accounts
    in cash-in document.
  • An automatic journal entry created for each cash in document.
  • Cash-out transactions, issue more than one detail from different accounts
    in cash-out documents.
  • Detailed cash reports, for cash registrars to adjust their accounts.
  • Create unlimited number of Notes Receivables, Notes Payables.
  • Complete set of financial statements (Income statement, Balance Sheet and
    Cash flow statement).

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