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Deyafa was designed
to serve the decision maker,

Deyafa with features covering all restaurants companies’ needs
gives you the ability to make the right decision for an efficient management of your business.
It also enables users (cashiers and managers) enter and get data quickly with the least effort.

Deyafa enjoys a proven success with many of the preferred restaurant
chains in Egypt since Simple Touch ® is adopting adaptability as a solid key benefit delivered to
Deyafa’ customers whether in custom development or implementation projects, many success
stories were achieved the last few years and lots are on the way.

behind Deyafa

Logging in has never been easier, user can log-in to Deyafa using username and password, Magnetic access card or Fingerprint.

Payment flexibility at its best! With Deyafa, your customers can pay in cash, debit or credit , vouchers, gift cards even your restaurant's special currency.

Process guest orders at the ultimate speed by having kitchen screens with sound alerts in front of each chef inside your kitchen as well as the packing.

Access detailed performance and sales reports that give you insight to your business progress and projection in real-time.

Manage rights and permissions for every single operation on the system, to gain the maximum control over your business and avoid fraud and theft.

Deyafa can be used on a POS terminal, laptop, desktop, touchscreen monitor, or tablet, to perfectly match your needs.

Check splitting with just one simple touch, for smart bill management and hassle free operation.

Adequately design your loyalty management plan to build your customers' relationship using Discount Cards, Special prices and Promotions.

It’s time for technology, a smart captain order to be used by your waiters to elegantly take guest orders on a wireless-based solution.

With Deyafa, user can easily manage guest groups, seats, orders and reservations.

Manage your staff tips, even if it was paid by credit card.

Deyafa Modules

Dine In

Whether you own a fine dining restaurant, classic dining, casual dining, or café, you'll find all the options you need with Deyafa dine-in module. Menus are easily adjustable, table management, waiter assignment, customers grouping, checks splitting, tables merging, promotions and offers and a lot more.


With easy and user friendly interface, Deyafa takeaway is the quickest takeaway ordering process designed to avoid crowd and gain your customers' satisfaction, with the ability to add automatic cover items with each order and deduct it from the inventory.


Deyafa delivery module includes customers' database that allows for easy registering and a smart search using the customer's information to save time. Assigning drivers, and tracking orders. Smart calculation of the delivery fees based on delivery zones.

Car Service

Deyafa car service module provides solution to manage car dine-in orders with waiters' service, as well as car carryout orders. With our various preset and customized options you can easily provide a spectacular and quick service to your customers.

Wirless Ordering

POS interface for tablets and handheld devices allowing waiters to place orders, modify orders and collect payment on-the-go using a wireless based solution, providing faster and remarkable service.

Kitchen Screen

Once an order is submitted, it'll immediately appear on the kitchen display for the chef to start preparing it right away; the kitchen display is designed with an alerting system for new orders, and delayed orders.

Packing Screen

Packing is the last stage of the ordering process, and Deyafa POS packing interface made it easier and more organized, by categorizing orders based on order types, order number, ability to mark an order as "done" and queuing orders.


Track, Monitor and manage inventory, setup low inventory threshold, create purchase orders and manage recipes to track your profit and loss.

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