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Hala was designed for your call center and delivery orders.
For quick service and ease of use.

Easy access for all the tools, few simple steps for any function,
quick database entry and search, equals the quickest and most efficient service.

customer's database

Full customers' database, with easy search, using the customer's name or phone number, to avoid wasted time over the phone getting the customer's data every single time. .

multiple phone numbers

Ability to add multiple phone numbers, multiple addresses for the same customer.

customer's last order

Hala will remember your customer's last order, or regular ordered items to help you understand your customers, analyze your sales trends and best seller items, and build your customers relationship.

link to your stores inventory

Hala ordering system can be linked to your stores inventory, to verify it the ordered items are available or not.

calculating delivery fees

Flexibility in calculating delivery fees based on your customized settings, whether based on delivery zones, a percentage of the order amount, or a fixed amount.


You can easily link more than one restaurant or chain of restaurants to the same interface, and easily switch between them.


You can always track your orders and check the status of each order, and view a list of your open orders.


Payment methods can be changed based on your customers' preferences.

Customers Info

You can even add your customers' birthdays.

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