Please contact our call center on 19715

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We provides real customer support
with important impact on your business.

starting from the contracting and through after sale support.


First, on projects implementation, our support team will schedule the implementation time at your convenient and according to your schedule. They will also follow up on the implementation and operation process directly with you to make sure everything is going perfectly as planned. Ensuring the quality of the training process, and completing any requests on comments as soon as possible during the implementation.

Technical Support

Our technical support team provides free training services in our call center for any number of trainees during the warranty period.

hotline 22/7

You can always reach our technical support experts at our hotline 19715.One of the main advantages of our call center is that it operates 22 hours/day from 10:00AM and till 7:00AM.

subscription request

You can easily subscribe to our support service 19715 by just calling our hotline and registering a subscription request and the service will be automatically activated on your system without the hassle and complication of signing agreements or paperwork.


Tickets submitted online will be responded to within 1 business day.


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