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Mawared gives you a vision to your Employees
full life cycle, from hiring and till retirement.

Complete payroll and tax compliance service, with centralized database
to eliminate paperwork and provide an electronic audit trail for all data changes.

Benefits behind using

  • Unlimited number of employees' accounts can be created.
  • Salary calculation as per rules of the company
  • Automatic calculation of Income tax, and insurance.
  • Deduction management system.
  • Attendance and absence management and time tracking.
  • Payroll reports and pay-slips including pay-slip history.
  • Employees' documentation recording and tracking.
  • Leaves management and balance.
  • Standard reports included, plus ability to create your own customizable reports to match your needs.
  • Import and export facility.
  • Reports from old periods can be regenerated and reprinted at any time.
  • Overtime management.

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