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BY | Posiflex

JIVA HS Series is the solution to the counter space problem. It takes the All-in-One concept to the extreme! With POS unit, touch screen, thermal printer, MSR, smart card reader, Finger Print Sensor and 2nd customer display options occupying a footprint no larger than a standard receipt printer, while offering uncompromising performance – JIVA HS Series allows every inch of the counter space usage to be optimized, thus creating maximum possible profit return for the store owners. This is what space saving is all about!

  • Compact all-in-one terminal with footprint no larger than a standard receipt printer
  • Built-in 3” thermal printer
  • Optional built-in MSR, smartcard reader, finger print sensor and RFID reader
  • Intel Pineview D525 dual core CPU, 1.8GHz
  • 9.7” LCD display with resistive touch
  • 5 x USB, 3 x Serial (2 x DB9 + 1 x RJ45), 1 x CR, 1 x LAN, PS/2 & Parallel

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