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Benefits behind using

production process

The whole production process can be done in just few steps, transforming your raw materials to final products and monitor the inventory.

items ingredients

Manage your items ingredients and recipes and link it to your inventory stock, to monitor sales and inventory at the same time.

tracking inventory

Know when it's time to restock by tracking inventory by stock item, and get notification when an item reaches the threshold.

Generate sales reports

Generate sales reports, analysis reports, purchasing reports, production reports, re-order advice and much more on Tawasol.

Record inventory

Record inventory for each of your branches, and manage stock items ordering, and items transfers between branches in few seconds

Managing items

Save your suppliers' list to make future reordering easier, including payment and delivery terms.

shopping list

Create your shopping list including items, quantity, and suppliers. To make ordering simple, easy and recorded.

Tawasol Modules


With Jahhez, manage your whole production process. Whether you want to transform raw materials to final products, or half-made products. Or you want to mix ingredients to get your product.


Warehouse management, perform daily or periodical inventory to see how your business is going. Jardy gives you full insight over your stock and inventory, and even reminds you of when you need to re-stock.


Have quick access to your suppliers' list, including contact details, prices, payment and delivery terms. Create shopping list, and even place purchasing orders using Tawreed. Straight-forward!


With Tarabot, make use of your historical database. Predict sales increase or decrease during a specific period of time, know your best sellers, your best offers, and customers' trends.


Some items are below the minimum threshold but you have no time to order from your suppliers? No problem, check the stock in the other branches, order, send and transfer items internally between your branches and save your time with Otlob Stores ordering.

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